Melenevskiy Dmitriy Eduardovich


+38( 096)188 55 34



Kyiv, 63-a Mayakovskogo av., ap. 206

height – 187, weight – 95, footwear size – 43, suit size – 54

chest – 110, waist – 86, hips – 100

brown hair

green eyes



Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY (2013 –ESL)

Eurasiavisionart (2012 acting skills, instructor Naboka N.P.)

Kiev National University of Trade and Economics (2009 – master course)

National Academy of Leading Personnel, Culture, and Arts - 2015

National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine (the second higher education – fitness and recreations

Sergey Chudowski MMG 2007

Additional information:

Master of sports in sambo and judo, bronze medallist of the World championship in Brazil jiu-jitsu in Abu-Dhabi 2015, senior coach in martial and mixed martial arts (MMA), senior coach of a team М1 TezTourFight (finalists of the European M1 fight 2011), ex-stunt of a team XGST, professional actor, stunt of a team TNT Stuntmen team, stunt coordinator, model.

Special skills: skies, horse riding, fencing, shooting with any kind of weapon

Organizing activity

Fight promoter “ММА Coliseum”, ProFc, M1.

Casting manager of a project “John Wick 2” (New-York 2015)

Since 2006 have been working a scout and agent in model business, cinema, and television.


"Spies Must Die - 2"(stunt, stage combat.StarMedia.2008)

"Hunting for a Werewolf"( stunt, stage

"Eldealer"(secondary part. Egypt-Ukraine. Kiev 2009)

"Taken" (secondary part + stunt, stage combat; А.Litvinenko Kiev.2011)

"Business - Plan"(Episode + stunt, stage combat. Visionart Kiev.2012)

"Spirits of War" (secondary part + stunt, stage combat; А.Litvinenko Kiev.2012)

“Come on, Dance!” (part of a welder + stunt. Director А.Berezan. Kiev 2015)

“I am With You” (part of a guardian Averin. Sisters for 1+1. Ukraine.Kiev 2015)

"Big Fight" - (directed by Alyoshechkin brothers). Part of Nazar. Ukraine. Kiev. 2017

TV series

TV series "Native People" (bit part. Kievtelefilm. TV Channel "Ukraine".2008)

TV series "Auto Theft Rules"(bit part + stunt, stage combat. Star Media.2008)

TV series "Don Corleone Followers" (main part.STB.2008)

TV series "Brother for Brother" (bit part + stunt, stage combat .StarMedia 2009)

TV series "Miracle"(episode – fitness instructor. Russia-KyivFilm. 2009)

TV series “Someone Else's Mistakes” Robin Hood from a Big Road 2 series – part of Ali (STB 2010)

Sketch show “Vitalka“ (ТЕТ2012)

TV series "Trap" bit part + stunt, stage combat. Kiev-Moscow.2012)

TV series “Mukhtar's Return” – 7,8 ( ProTv. Kiev. 2012 - 2013)

TV series “BarDak” – part of Tolik (ТЕТ 2013)

TV series “Efrosinya” – part of a militiamen (Kievtelefilm.2014)

TV series “A Major and a Witch” ( Kiev 2015)

TV series “Fight” – part of Mashko (Pro Tv. TV Channel "Ukraine". Kiev.2015)

TV series “Vladimirskaya 15” (1+1. Kiev 2015)

TV series “Department 44” ( ICTV. Kievtelefilm. 2015)

TV series “Prosecutors” (ICTV. Kievtelefilm. 2015)

TV series “Team” (ICTV. Kievtelefilm. 2016)

TV series “Cop's Wars” (ICTV. 1+1. Kievtelefilm. 2016)

TV series “Lone Person” (1+1. Kievtelefilm.2016)

TV series “Patsyki” (95 Kvartal.2016)

TV series “Syshysh Show” (UFO.ТV 2016)

TV series “DOG 2” (Pro Tv. 2016)

TV series “Drivers“ (Sisters Production. 2016)

TV series “Good Guy“ (1+1. 2016)

TV series "Crossings" (TV Channel "Ukraine". Kiev. 2017)

TV series "The One Who Doesn't Sleep" ( 2017)

TV series "One Village in a Million" (1+1. Kiev. Ukraine)

TV shows

TV show 10 Years Younger (main part of judo instructor. TV Channel "Ukraine". 2007)

TV show "Rules of Life"(STB 2008)

TV show “Human Abilities. Human as a Miracle”(stunt.STB.2008)

TV show “Fight Club” (Kiev.StarMedia. TV Channel "Ukraine".2008)

TV show “ People's Court ”(Inter.2008)

TV show “In Search of Truth B. Khmelnitskiy (Part of Timoshyn STB.2009)
TV show “Incredible Love Stories. Dalida"(Part of Tanko STB.2009)

TV show "The Third Millennium Woman "(Prize award.Ut-1.2008)

TV show "Look. Life of Stunts" (ТЕТ. Kiev 2009)
TV show "From a Tomboy to a Lady" (1+1.Kiev 2010)

TV show 95 Kvartal parody V.Brezhneva's video "Love Will Save the World"(TV channel 1+1. 2011)

Participant of a TV project “Love Without Borders”(1+1.San Francisco. 2013)

News broadcasts:

24 channel "stunts XGST stunt team"(Ukraine.Kiev.2009)

TV show “24 hours. Life” (fitness instructor. live program. Tonis. Kiev 2009)

live program 112 channel “Relevance of Martial Art in a Period of Military Situation in Ukraine”

live program in the Internet channel Spectator “Dmitriy Melenevskiiy. Cup «Geliar» the most outstanding sport event in Ukraine“

live program in the CC Sport Ukraine “Sport Ukraine 5.11.2016 Dmytro Melenevskyi Fitness director of the sport club “Geliar “

live program at the radio station Voice of the Capital “COACH'S ADVICE with Dmitriy Melenevskiy. Judo – secrets of Japanese martial art“

live program in the RTi “Dmytro Melenevskyi RTi - Fitness director of the sport club “Geliar “

Filming in videos:

video А.Lorak "Sun"(2008 К.Tsarik)

video Т.Povaliy and S.Mikhaylov "Let Go"(2010)

video S.Mikhaylov “Vamp Woman”

video MMDance "We're Having Rest" and "My Boss"(2011)

video А.Martsynkevich and Cabriolet band “Between Sky and Earth”

video Д.Mukhin "Sugarman" (Kiev-Israel. 2017)


Filming in promotional videos:

banner for plant presentation "Planet Plastic"

promotion of exclusive Uniq(Qatar)

filming of works in the agency of V.Tarasyuk “Let’sRock”

filming of promotion Foxtrot "neighbours"

Infinity slogan promotion

“Pepsi” festival promotion

promotion of the British security agency and French center of martial arts (“Сenturionstudio”)

bumper "Star Factory- 4"(Kiev.2011)

promotion KievStar "BearHunter" (Lime Lite studio Odessa.2012)

Shoots in magazines:

"Delores", "Goldencity","Avenu emagazine","Scissors", "Fashion Mirror", "Zефир","Exclusive Style", "What'son" "Viva".

Fashion shows:

UFW autumn-winter; spring-summer 2009-2012 (collections of А.Zalevskiy, SIA-2010 (show of А. Zalevskiy)

А.Vasilyev, FelixRadionov, V.Golets-Trademarkdefile (А. Vasilyev, FelixRadionov, К.Ponomarev, К.Gusina, А.Sosnovskaya, AndreTAN, OZ, WAVA, Soboleva$Vronskaia, Gapchuk)

master class of V.Tarasyuk Americancrew

Showroom LTB

Face of the top stylist V.Tarasyuk company 2008.

Contact information:

Cell phone +380961885534; +380936728900



Facebook :

Instagram : dmitriy_melenevskiy